Interactive Portfolio Management

Dr. Stephen M. Rasey has lead the development of tools for risk analysis of oil and gas opportunites, portolio mangement, strategic & financial planning,.


blitzport graphBlitzPort provides oil and gas company asset and planning teams the ability to generate, filter and interact with thousands of portfolios efficiently and visually in the conference room. Part of Blitzport is to calculate and store into a database thousands of portfolios quickly using strategies chosen by the Decision Makers. The visualization portion of BlitzPort allows for interactive filtering of these portfolios to find a handful of portfolios that best meet performance goals at desired levels of confidence.

The end result of the BlitzPort process is not to find one optimum portfolio but to find many good portfolios and learn the common funding decisions within those portfolios

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Prospect Risk Economic Evaluation - Multi Objective

An Excel based tool for the calculation of risk and volumetric uncertainty of exploration, appraisal, and development opportunities. Pree-mo stores and receives its data from a relational database. Pree-mo uses a partially replicated database which allows individual teams their own team database but also allows for automatic world-wide corporate sychronization. Up to four objectives can be combined into one oporutinty with various levels of dependency. It has the ability to easily compare the current case under evaluation with another similar case in the database, or a prior case of the same opportunity.

Pree-Mo is a joint development of Custer Resources, Inc and WiserWays LLC.